Planning + Zoning

Upcoming Dates for JPNA Planning & Zoning Sub-Committee Meetings
All meetings are held at the Jeffries Yacht Club (565 Sumner St.) at 7:00 PM, unless otherwise noted

  • Wednesday 11/15, 7:00pm @ Jeffries Yacht Club
  • Wednesday 12/29, 7:00pm @ Jeffries Yacht Club

Previous JPNA Planning & Zoning Sub-Committee Meetings (If you have any revisions or want something added/ clarified, please reach out to a Board Member.)

Minutes P&Z meeting held on Wednesday 10/18, 7:00pm @ Jeffries Yacht Club, 337 Maverick Street, owner Abdel Krikib.

○       Building is owner-occupied with second floor rental.  Adding more floor space and third story, which will be tenant occupied. Ground floor will remain owner occupied.○       Variance will be required for FAR (Floor Area Ratio) which will exceed city code.  Other requirements are conforming.

○       Developer is Zephyr Architects, who demolished and developed 9 Jeffries St.  The plans for the 371 Maverick St. building are similar in design.

○       Abutters concerns were specific to the demolition of the current building which will torn down due to various building code issues.

Summary/Next Steps:

  • Project will be presented again tentatively at the January JPNA meeting. ISD refusal letter is expected sometime in December and will be submitted to the JPNA in advance.

Prior P&Z Meetings with links to minutes: